Item Behavior
cGDIPCache.cls This class is instantiated as Global Multiuse and is used by many controls as a high quality ImageList (PNG).
It loads images from FileName, Byte Array, or Resource ID. Before using Resource ID, you must first pass VB.Globals to the classs as follows.
Example: ucList1.VBGlobals VB.Globals
ToolTips ToolTips in most of ToolBoxW controls are implemented via InitToolTip Method at run time.
This avoids bloating each control with dozens of Get/Let Properties, PropertyBag Read/Write,
and the need for a PropertyPage to set Unicode Title and Caption in the IDE.
ucMenu ToolTips are loaded at runtime for both TopLevel MenuBar items and Individual SubItems.
Windowless 8 Controls are Windowless for True Transparency.
These include ucButton/ucCheck/ucCheckGroup/ucImage/ucLabel/ucOption/ucOptionGroup/ucUpDown
They are very lightweight and are ideal when you need hundreds of controls per Form.
Note that ucCheckGroup/ucOptionGroup are even lighter still since it is does not use an array of controls.
APNG While there is no direct support for APNG, ucImage supports Animated Horizontal PNG PictureStrip which accomplishes the same thing.
To build the PictureStrip you can use available utilities from the Web that extract the individual frames from en existing APNG
and then assemble them in a Horizontal PNG PictureStrip.
CheckBox Size Windows uxTheme.DLL Check/Option only supports 13 pixel image size.
To overcome this limitation we store high quality 32bpp picture strip resources that support all possible states and render them at user-specified size.
ucCheck, ucOption
Graphical mode
ucCheck, ucOption Graphical mode renders a Pushed Button for Checked/True, or normal Button when unChecked/False.
See VB6 - CC6-able PushLike Buttons at .
No visual styles manifest is required.
ucLabel, ucCheck,
ucOption, ucButton
Windowless, Unicode, AutoSize, Visual Theme w/o Manifest, GrayScale, Brightness, AniGIF w/FrameInterval,
Sizeable 32bpp Optional PNG (Default = 16), Sizeable CheckBox (Default = 13), Graphical mode.
ucImage Windowless, Stretch, AniGIF w/FrameInterval, Animated Horizontal PNG PictureStrip.
ucPicture Container, Stretch, AniGIF w/FrameInterval
ucFrame MouseEnter, MouseLeave, InitToolTip Method, Unicode Caption via Property Page, Sizeable 32bpp PNG (Default = 16)
Create a Group of Check/Option Buttons in seconds just by supplying a string of Pipe delimited ("|") captions.
Very little overhead since it is owner-drawn and not an array of controls.
Usage is quite simple. Supply a Pipe ("|") delimited string of desired captions and specify how many RowsPerColumn (default is 10).
The rest is handled by the control. Column Width is automatically adjusted to the longest caption. AutoSize will resize the control to its content.
ucList Supports legacy DriveListBox/FolderListBox/DirListBox via Unicode aware methods LoadDrives/LoadFolders/LoadFiles w/System Icons.