ToolBoxW was started in May 2017 and surpasses UniSuitePlus.
Many controls were written from scratch and others have had major updates to keep up with the current technology.

Currently there are 36 controls with over 55,000 lines of source code.

Everything in ToolBoxW is Unicode so say goodbye to dated CodePage technology.
And you don't need to use Unicode Fonts such as "Arial Unicode MS".
Most Fonts ("MS Sans Serif" is an exception) will render as Unicode.
The System Font for Vista and later is "Segoe UI" while Xp and Win 7 are "Tahoma"
Segoe UI is an approachable, open, and friendly typeface, and as a result has better readability than Tahoma, Microsoft Sans Serif, and Arial. ...
Segoe UI is optimized for ClearType, which is on by default in Windows. With ClearType enabled, Segoe UI is an elegant, readable font.